SPX Nutrition was founded with a vision to combine a passion for the well-being of others with the principles of health and entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives, health, and prosperity of everyone who joins our company and strive to ensure our members are successful in achieving the goals that will profoundly impact their lives. By educating, inspiring and supporting our customers and distributors to bring our cutting-edge weight loss and energy boosting innovations to the world, everybody wins with SPX Nutrition. We are devoted to helping people every step of the way on their journey toward success.

SPX Nutrition has made tremendous breakthroughs in the world of health. Not only are our products affordable, they’re effective. We hold our supplements to the highest global standards available and settle for nothing less than the absolute best. Made exclusively by us and manufactured in our state-of-the-art, FDA-regulated facilities, our top-quality ingredients undergo rigorous quality control tests to ensure maximum purity and effectiveness. Our proprietary formulations have been researched and tested to provide the safest and most effective nutritional support possible.

Our mission is to change people’s lives by providing the best business opportunity in the network marketing industry together with the highest quality nutrition and weight-management products available. We have one of the highest-paying and easy-to-understand compensation plans in the world. Safety, satisfaction, quality assurance, and success are our business’s guiding constants. The goal of SPX Nutrition is to energize and transform as many lives as possible with both the most powerful, revolutionary weight-loss products and business opportunity on the market.


Rick Wall - President

Rick Wall’s impressive corporate background spans over 30 years of experience in managing, educating, directing, and overseeing multimillion-dollar companies from startup beginnings to thriving success. A big believer in network marketing, Rick prides himself in his ability to inspire and motivate individuals toward reaching their personal and financial goals through individualized training and development. He has an intensely deep, heartfelt commitment to transform the negative perceptions that are sometimes associated with the home-based business industry.

Harnessing his enthusiasm for aiding those who strive for success in all aspects of life, Rick worked with top doctors and scientists to develop SPX Nutrition’s premier line of nutritional supplements. His ground-breaking weight-loss products truly change lives and contain only the highest-quality ingredients available. Thousands already benefit from Nutri-thin’s amazing fat-melting abilities; as SPX Nutrition’s flagship product, Rick oversaw its growth and built Nutri-thin into the $3 million per year powerhouse it is today. Rick knows first-hand the amazing results his products offer – he himself has lost over 80 pounds through a combination of SPX Nutrition dietary supplements and sensible lifestyle changes. In addition to their proven benefits, Rick has ensured his top-of-the-line dietary aids will not only yield spectacular weight-loss results but offer amazing wealth-building opportunities as well.

Rick is no stranger to the direct-selling enterprise. Spending the last 25 years as a mentor and coach, he has helped thousands of leaders create successful online businesses and form winning teams. Rick has more than 30 years of public speaking experience and has been instrumental in the organization and implementation of numerous community action groups.

As independent network marketers seek to realize their potential, Rick imparts the necessary tools and training needed to build their own successful team of leaders, resulting in a successful network marketing career. Rick is a true visionary committed to changing the way the direct selling business model operates. Recognized throughout the industry for taking a personal interest in the success of others, Rick is passionate about helping individuals succeed and reach their full potential. He is deeply dedicated to changing the way the direct selling industry operates. With Rick as the visionary, you can rest assured you will not be alone as you travel through your exciting journey toward success.

Chief Operations Officer

TRACIE DUKE - Chief Executive Officer

Tracie Duke has over 20 years of experience in the business administration and operations sector. Tracie previously worked for a large commercial sales and development group, taking their minimal startup growth to over $5 million in annual sales. Bringing with her the solid financial skills and proven track record needed to ensure long term stability and financial growth, Tracie has spent the last 10 years helping others in the network marketing industry build successful teams and thrive in the home-based business industry. Her extensive experience in the social media sphere has helped numerous businesses, both small and large, firmly establish their brands and connect directly with thousands of potential customers.

Tracie is no stranger to bolstering companies toward success and prosperity. Her positive attitude and goal-oriented approach have aided her in keeping companies profitable despite challenging economic downturns. Tracie has personally handled numerous debt negotiations, intricate multi-million dollar contracts, and complex financial situations. Utilizing her innate leadership abilities, Tracie has managed over 100 employees at a time while remaining organized, upbeat, and team-focused. Her ability to help others come out on top, regardless of circumstance, knows no bounds.

With years of online and social marketing experience, along with a passion for high-quality products and excellent customer service, Tracie is an invaluable asset to SPX Nutrition and knows first-hand the power of these incredible innovations. Through both SPX Nutrition’s world-class dietary supplements and healthy lifestyle choices, Tracie has transformed her body and her life by dropping over 50 pounds, regaining her vitality and health. She is passionate about helping others achieve the same phenomenal results while also inspiring customers to maximize their wealth-earning potential. Tracie knows first-hand the incredible opportunities SPX Nutrition offers and hopes to inspire everyone to achieve their dreams for fitness and prosperity.

Dr Dan V. Armooh (MD, MBA, MPH)
Medical Advisory Board Director

TRACIE DUKE - Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Armooh graduated as a medical doctor from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana in 2004. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Central University in Ghana and a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Sheffield, UK.

A primary care physician with over 10 years’ experience, Dr Armoohstarted his practice at C & J Medicare Hospital in Accra rising to the position of Deputy Director (Diagnostics). He later worked as the practitioner in charge at Del International Hospital, also in Accra and then a Technical Advisor at Jhpiego (an international NGO affiliated to the John Hopkins University) on the “Maternal Health and New-Born Health Project” in Ghana in 2014.

With a passion to see improved access to affordable health care to thepeople of Ghana, he believes that if people are empowered to making healthy choices in terms of adequate nutrition and other preventive care approaches, it will ultimately reduce their net expenditure on healthcare.

He is currently the CEO of Acacia Health Insurance, a private health insurance company in Ghana and a facilitator of the “Health Systems and Policy Module at Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) West Africa.

As the director of the medical advisory board, Dr. Armooh is able to share his extensive medical background with the company and help educate the world about the importance of proper nutrition and how SPX Nutrition’s high quality products are crucial to helping people improve their overall health. The high quality products that SPX Nutrition offers are among the best in the industry - Dr. Dan Armooh

Sandy Heim
Director of Health and Nutrition

TRACIE DUKE - Chief Executive Officer

Sandy Heim is an accomplished businesswoman with over 25 years in the health, nutrition and weight loss industry. Sandy has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition. She is also certified in nutritional and weight-loss education, product development and weight loss therapy.

Sandy has been a top executive in several weight-loss franchise companies. As the lead nutritionist for weight loss manuals, and provided the training and education for the franchisee’s corporate staff. Sandy has been instrumental in the development of numerous health and wellness programs for a number of top rated companies. Throughout her amazing career, Sandy has had the unique opportunity to work alongside some of the industry’s greatest physicians at both the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins Hospital.

With the help of these first rate physicians, Sandy was able to develop the “metabolic test” in which the metabolic syndrome can be diagnosed. With this diagnosis a complete nutritional program can then be developed exclusively for each individual.

Sandy is an acclaimed speaker and inspirational coach in the field of health and nutrition and has been the owner and CEO of a very successful weight loss clinic for many years. Sandy’s professional career span of over 25 years has helped her to understand that everybody’s weight loss program is different and must be customized in order to achieve maximum results. She is a true believer that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” weight loss plan. By using this philosophy, Sandy has inspired thousands of people across the world to live a healthier lifestyle.

With Sandy’s impeccable record and extensive professional background, she brings an invaluable amount of knowledge and value to the SPX Nutrition corporate team. “I am excited to share my vision, knowledge and passion with the world by educating people about the importance of good nutritional health and helping them reach their weight loss and nutritional goals here at SPX Nutrition” ---Sandy Heim

Operations Director - Africa

HAYFORD ADJEI - Operations Director - Africa

Hayford is a passion filled home-based entrepreneur, coach, world traveler and a leader in the Network Marketing Industry with 25 years of industry experience. He is highly success driven and lives to inspire growth and action in others. He is a mentor and a true servant leader. His passion is to help others to identify their own passion. He has dedicated his life to mentoring and empowering entrepreneurs. He is talented in his ability to inspire others to take charge of their own destiny and achieve greatness. He has extensive experience in conducting leadership seminars. Due to the life changing impact of his weekend seminars on many leaders in direct sales, he has been known in Ghana as the face of Network Marketing.

After applying his talent, skill and hard work and achieving extraordinary results with his first MLM company, he was asked to take on the role of Head of Sales and Marketing in that company, a position he happily accepted. He later resigned to pioneer the growth of a company where he remained the top distributor for over a decade qualifying for every possible incentive, traveling the world and creating the most sought after weekend seminars.

He is the founder of FordNet International Ltd, a leadership and personal development training company. MLM leaders who have been to his events appreciate his energy, vision and commitment to helping their businesses grow as he continues to create programs, materials and promotions to better support their businesses.

Hayford built a distribution network of thousands of distributors over the years and has become a mentor to many. Hayford has observed the many struggles that often prevent people from having success in this industry due to certain road blocks. Hayford felt that there had to be a better way. So he began a quest to find that ultimate company that truly removes the barriers that hinder the progress of the average person in the industry.

After meeting the corporate team of SPX Nutrition, and studying the SPX corporate culture, Hayford discovered that the SPX Nutrition corporate values are founded on Fun, Excellence, ethics and amazing Integrity. He believes SPX Nutrition is finally a place to call home where millions of people can be helped to create the kind of legacy that is available in Network Marketing: to help make this world a better place. He has love for people and a strong desire to see SPX Nutrition improve the quality of life for individuals and families.

Director of Media Relations & Special Events

STEPHANIE LIPPINCOTT  - Director of Media Relations and Special Events

Stephanie Lippincott is the Director of Media Relations and Special Events for SPX Nutrition. She has nearly 10 years experience in the field of public relations, including an extensive background in media relations, fundraising, event planning, promotions and writing. Stephanie is a proud University of North Florida alumna with a Bachelor of Science in Communication from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Stephanie has worked for large and small non-profit organizations and for-profit corporations, excelling in raising millions of dollars to further research and programs, increasing brand and mission awareness, garnering media publicity, strengthening donor relations and managing and planning events for thousands of people.

Stephanie is also passionate about health and fitness. She is co-owner of a fitness company based in Jacksonville, FL and a certified personal trainer. Along with her role on the SPX Nutrition corporate team, Stephanie also spearheads the Official SPX 90-Day Challenge Support Group with a team of 5 Certified Personal Trainers who help individuals on the 90-Day Challenge incorporate exercise and wellness habits to make long-term lifestyle changes.

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